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You are Chosen

I attended a women’s Bible study recently. We met once a week for six weeks and studied Ephesians with what is known as the “Inductive Method”. Basically, it means that you let the Bible do the talking. When you study the word, you read it in it’s original context, and look at it from the original readers point of view. It truly opened my eyes, and I hope to continue it with the rest of my Bible reading.

As we were reading Ephesians over and over to really let the words soak in, I had a few revelations. I’d like to share one of those revelations with you.

Have you ever watched a family that had adopted or foster children in it? Maybe you know of a family that have step daughters and sons in them. Have you looked closely? Right now, your mind might be going to the unfortunate scenarios such as that of Cinderella and her evil step mother and sisters. That is not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about the families that have chosen to fully accept someone in to their home, into their hearts, that is not of their blood. Someone that would be a stranger in any other circumstance. These people, most often by choice, decide to call this stranger their family, their child, their sister or brother or mother or father. It is an incredible thing to behold! If it’s an adopted boy, this boy becomes known as a son. A son that gains all that is rightfully the fathers as well! Even when they didn’t have to be or even if it didn’t make much sense to the outside world, these people were chosen to be called family and included.

This idea of being adopted and chosen was so much clearer to me once I read Ephesians 1:4&5.

God chose us to be in a relationship with Him even before He laid out plans for this world; He wanted us to live holy lives characterized by love, free from sin, and blameless before Him. He destined us to be adopted as His children through the covenant Jesus the Anointed inaugurated in His sacrificial life. This was His pleasure and His will for us.”

Take all the time you need. Read it as much as you want. Take a moment and breathe in that reality, because there are some beautiful nuggets of truth inside of those words.

Before this world was created, when there was nothing but the Trinity, God chose us!! He chose us not to squash us or make us feel guilty till the cows come home, but to be in relationship with Him! That is good news! When I think about this further, God thought about me before the world was made, and before I was ever born. That means if He chose me before I was born, then there really is nothing I could or can do to make Him accept me more or love me more! AHHH! I just can’t get over that.

Do you remember when you went out on the field at recess in elementary school, and everyone one was playing soccer? Before we could play, teams had to be made. There were a few captains and then people were picked to be on the team. Did you ever get picked? Did someone choose you to be on their team? If so, do you remember that feeling of being wanted and accepted? It felt pretty darn good, right? Or if you didn’t get picked, or got picked last, you felt pretty bad, right?

Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that we don’t still want to be chosen. Well, I have great news for you. We have been chosen before the beginning of the earth, and that means nothing can ever take that away from you!

You are chosen by a God who’s pleasure and will it was to choose you and call you a son or daughter! What’s His is ours! Hallelujah!

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