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Never Say Never

In our house, there are a few words that are not to be said. Swear words in our household are the words “never” and “always”.

The reason we try and not say these words is because they carry a finality. If you say, “I’ll never do it again”, and you’re a child talking about spilling the milk, it’s simply an untrue statement.

A child has their whole life to live yet, and at some point, they’re probably going to spill milk again! They’re human.

The same goes for the word “always”. It’s just the other side of the coin. If you say, “I always clean the kitchen when we’re done eating”, there’s no room for error or missing a day. This is why we try to not say the words “always” and “never”. We need room to mess up because we are humans who are going to mess up, and that’s okay! In fact, that’s how we grow!

The same goes for us as a family of believers. If we say, “The doctor said that I’ll never properly walk again”, it leaves no room for God to work. What about miracles?

Let me share a story with you.

Five years ago, I was training for a half marathon. At that point in my life, I had trained for two other half marathons, so when I started out, there was nothing unusual about it.

I started on day one, and I made it just over three kms before my knee started hurting. Now some pain you can just run through as an athlete, but this was not one of them.

I thought, well, my body isn’t used to running yet, so I’ll just give it a day rest and try again. So I rested one day and then went out to run a simple five km, but the same thing happened. Around the third km, my knee pain took over and I walked back home.

As a woman who loved to run, I was not going to sit on this and wait, so I went to a sports clinic. The doctor gave me the prescription of not doing anything strenuous for two weeks, and after that to run again. Even though it was hard, I did what the doctor said, but even after that rest, my knee did the same thing.

An MRI was scheduled, I went, and the results came back that I had osteoarthritis in my knees. As I heard this word spoken over me, all I was really concerned with was, what does this mean for me as an athlete? The doctor told me that I could do anything but run. I could play volleyball, swim, bike, do crossfit, row, just not do anything that involved running.

At this point, I heard the words in my head, “You will never run again.” As I took in this word, I became very sad as I loved to run. The doctor told me that there was nothing I can do about this condition, no vitamin to take to reverse it, no brace to wear, nothing. This would just be my new normal.

But God had something to say about it. Never say never!

Yesterday for the first time in five years, I signed up for a five km run for an incredible event that raises awareness to end the stigma of people who struggle with mental health.

Over the past few weeks, my son and I have been running to help him with his football endurance, but I always kept it around three km.

So signing up to run this five km with him was a stretch and I knew it. Before the run, I shared my concern with Zevry, and his immediate response was that we should pray about it. So he prayed for me and my knee as we were walking up to the tented area.

What happened? I ran a five km race with my son and my knee had no pain whatsoever! No pain the day after either! Praise the Lord!

Never say never, because it discounts the healing power of our great Creator! I have nothing bad to say about doctors and do believe that they can be a great help to any and all of us. But God always has the final say.

Is there something that you are hoping to be healed or restored from today? Do you think it is impossible, but there is some little part of you that believes there is hope? Hold onto that! Keep praying and get others to pray, as your loving Father God listens to each prayer intently!

Sometimes healing comes later or comes in a different way than we expected. I have experienced this as it took longer than I thought. But our God is One who loves to restore!

If you would be so bold, would you share your story of restoration below to share hope with others who also need it? God bless you and restore you today!


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