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Making the “Right” Decision

stressedI see it everyday. People asking themselves the question, “Am I making the right decision?” On the opposite end is the equally important question to themselves and that is, “What if I make the wrong decision?” What’s going to happen if I don’t do the “right” thing, will my life be ruined? Will I miss my one opportunity? Will I miss my “soul mate”? Will my life take a turn for the worse, will my kids be affected forever after this? If I don’t go on this trip, or to this college, what will be the result?

In this life there is cause and effect. We decide to do a specific thing and something will come of it. Or we choose not to do something and people are affected as well. We cannot predict the future, try as we might.

As I am not a perfectionist, I have not struggled terribly with this question but I know many people that are. The really neat thing is this. If you are striving to make a good decision, lets say for your future or for your families future, is there only one “right” decision? Only one magical opportunity with one special person? With 7 billion people on this planet, I don’t think so. Hear me out.

We all have that little voice inside, call it God or whatever you wish, but we all have it. Some are more in tuned to theirs than others, but you heard that still small voice before, maybe saying don’t go to work today because the roads are bad. If we listen to that voice, we may never know what could have happened had we not listened but I believe that it is our compass.

When you are on the verge of making a big decision in life, here are a few ideas to help with your worry of the “right” decision. Think about all the outcomes as best you can. Ask yourself where this decision is coming from. Are you afraid? Or are you excited to move to the next step? When you make decisions based out of fear, it distorts reality and often are headed for disaster because fear never brings about good things. It’s the opposite of being loved.

But when you make a big decision, let’s say its for relocating your family and you’re wondering if it’s the “right” thing, and you don’t have fear attached, then you are more likely to make a sound decision. Have you discussed it with your family? Have you discussed it with God? Have you prayed about it? Does it feel good, like you have peace about it? Then DO IT! Don’t let fear hold you back from something amazing because the potential outcome scares the crap out of you.

When you feel like you’re free to make your decision, and you’re doing it out of a place of love, then there really is no wrong decision! If you move, let’s say, and it’s not working in anyway, then you move back! I know I make it sound easier said than done, but just one step at a time. And if you don’t take that leap, even when you’re slightly unsure, then you’ll truly never know!

Being a saleswoman at a car dealership didn’t work for me or my family. I had one person tell me that when I first started, but I was arrogant and didn’t want to believe that person. “You can’t tell me what to do!” (Little kid in me!) But because I tried it, then I knew for sure after a year that it was not the career I wanted to pursue any longer. I didn’t have a lot of conviction when I was first presented the position, so still after much discussion with my husband, I took the job. When the year had passed, my marriage was shaky and my kids loathed going to daycare, and we decided together that I was done working there, I had instant peace! But here’s the neat thing. I don’t regret working there. I learned a lot of valuable tools not only for sales but for life as well and now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I don’t want. For my career, for my family, for my life because I worked there.

So when you think that there will be unimaginable consequences if you coach the baseball team or not, breath a little easier. The world will not be shaken on this one decision from this one little person on the entire planet. But you just may find a new joy in your life that you were missing before. And sometimes you just know, “This is not a good decision.” So then listen to the voice. And lighten up about making the “right” decision.

Life can usually be worked out no matter what! There are plenty of wonderful opportunities out there! Let love be your guide, not fear!

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