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Keeping a “One Sheep” Mentality

Big picture thinking is an important part of becoming successful. When it comes to dreaming big and wanting the most out of life, I’m right there.

One of the questions I ask myself on a regular basis is, “How can this impact the most amount of people in a positive way?” Have you ever had that thought?

Maybe you want your company to grow a lot bigger than it is now.

Maybe you want to reach an audience with your songs, words, or message.

Maybe you want to create an invention that everyone in the first world uses one day.

Dreaming big is valuable and can be a great tool that you can use to push yourself forward in life. But one thing that God keeps reminding me is the concept of “one sheep”.

When we hear the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” it can sound impersonal. Okay, so God created everything around me and He also created humanity. Sure He made humans in His image, but does He care for me individually?

Have you ever asked this question or felt this way? Perhaps God cares about me when I go to church because then I am a part of His body, but otherwise, maybe not so much.

Let me share this with you, as this is the truth that I have to remind myself daily. God would send His only Son down to earth to live and then die the most brutal death on a cross, JUST FOR YOU! He created you, He knows you intimately, most likely better than you know yourself, and loves you with a ferocious and incredible love that will never cease. He doesn’t just love me when I am at church, or when I am with other people, or as part of my family. He loves me for me, and the same goes for you!

When I remember the parable of the shepherd and his sheep, it always reminds me what is really important. In Luke 15:4 it says, “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?”

This is the mentality that I want to have at all times. I said when I wrote my book a few years ago, that the whole point was, if even one person reads it and feels the love God has for them a little more, it was worth it.

But as a human, I forget about this all the time. When I am working on tweaking the typeset for my book, or I am creating a new tweet, or posting something that has impacted me, I go back to big picture thinking. I think, I hope this encourages a lot of people today.

When we think of someone we admire, what is it about them that we admire? What characteristic or quality do they have that we want? In society, because we are surrounded by media and information all the time, it can be so easy to see someone that is in the spotlight and think, that is what I want! To be impacting hundreds, or even thousands. I have a loud and outgoing personality, so I personally really enjoy being on stage.

But God keeps bringing me back to the “one sheep” mindset, and that thought says, I hope this encourages one person today! Every single person matters.

If you help up, encourage, love, share, or inspire ONE person today, then it is all worth it!

If you grow a company to twice its size or become a great singer or speaker on stage, but you are rude to your barista every morning, or are mean and neglectful to your children, does it really matter? In the kingdom of God, each person matters, including the guy who just cut you off in traffic. I’m not talking about being a perfect person wherever you go, but I am talking about the idea of encouraging all those around you, not just one group of people. It is something that I constantly need to be reminded of.

When I remember that I am loved individually and specifically, then having a “one sheep” mindset is a lot easier.

Lord, help me remember today that each person matters, not just the ones in the spotlight. Remind me of Your love for Your children, which is each of us, and Your love for me. May I keep Your “one sheep” mentality as my focus today. Amen.


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1 thought on “Keeping a “One Sheep” Mentality

  1. Hi Sylvia.
    I found this encouraging, both in regard to personal goals for the Kingdom (like getting my own book published) and in witnessing on the street. I’ve been challenged, “Street preaching? Does that ever reach anyone?” And the answer is, “Yes. Sometimes it reaches only one. But that one is worth it.”
    Gearing up,

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