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From “Bah! Humbug” to “Merry and Bright”

Any given year, by the time mid-November roles around, I am thinking about Christmas with joy and anticipation. I normally enjoy the lights, music, decorating, and mood of the Christmas season to come.

Not this year! By mid-November, I was dreading the entire month of December, not just Christmas time. I found myself carrying around the attitude of Scrooge.

I even asked my husband if there was anyway we could cancel Christmas this year! I might as well have ended with, “Bah! Humbug!”

With all this negativity, I simply had to reflect. Why was I dreading this wonderful time of year? We are a healthy, happy bunch surrounded by family and friends. So why was I feeling so glum? Cancel Christmas? Not likely.

I think it comes down to timing. Recently, life has felt like it is zooming by at the speed of light. I mean, how did we get to December already? Another new year right around the corner? Wasn’t it just summer?

Thankfully, a kind gesture snapped me out of my holiday blues.

The other day, I went to Costco to grab a few things. (Only a few things? I know, I’m nuts) I was speed walking out with my arms full of my “few” items stacked against me. I wanted to get out of there and return home as fast as I could.

Then, as I was rounding the back of my car, I hit black ice and completely wiped out. It must have looked like I stepped on a banana peel. I went down hard, hitting my knee and hand on the concrete, all the while balancing the groceries with the other hand. (I should get an award for that, don’t you think?)

Anyway, right after I wiped out, I stood up, slowly assessing the damage. I thought for sure my hand would be bleeding and that I would’ve ripped my jeans. (Turns out I did neither, thankfully)

It was what happened next that surprised me. This couple in their mid fifties had seen the whole escapade. Instead of laughing at what must have looked like a bugs bunny cartoon episode, or even continue doing their own thing, they immediately walked toward me.

“Are you okay? That was quite a spill.”

When all the world was in fast forward, grab-your-stuff-and-go mode, this couple took the time to make sure a complete stranger was, indeed, alright. Maybe this is common courtesy, but I felt their kindness and compassion that day.

So much so, that I left the parking lot and thought about it all the way home. My attitude took an immediate change. Instead of focusing on everything that had to get done for the holidays, I saw the meaning of the Christmas season come into view. This time is about the people we are surrounded with. It’s about sharing our connection and love for one another. Sure gifts are great, but it’s the relationships that make the difference.

This couples one small, yet kind gesture reminded me what is most important this time of year. I am now ready for the holidays attitude-wise.

It also reminds me that every small act done in love can have a huge impact. The Christmas season, and my life, is bigger than just me and my “to-do” list.

If you have been feeling stressed about the holidays, hopefully you are reminded today that this season is more than just buying gifts and running around.

Who knows? Perhaps you’re one small kind act away from making a strangers day or month!

Let’s spread the love today! I’ll take a page out of the playbook of kindness from this couple. Thank you, whoever you are.

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1 thought on “From “Bah! Humbug” to “Merry and Bright”

  1. Amazing how people can lift us up by loving us ❤️ I hope I can remember this when it’s easier to ignore people who are in need of love. Thanks Sylv!

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