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Why is Asking for Prayer so Hard?

It is so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to look good, isn’t it? Whether you are a believer or not. But here’s the difference between believers and non-believers. We not only have a God who wants to talk with us, but we also have the body of believers around us to converse with and pray with.

So why is it so hard to admit when we are having a hard time in life? I think the clear answer is, we let our pride and ego get in the way.

Have you had a hard time with anything in the past year? If your human, I think it’s safe to say yes.

When I am having a hard time, let’s say with parenting, I may not even think about asking for help. Or I may only think of it after the hard season has passed.

Do you ever find that is the same for you?

We are brothers and sisters in the same family! We are one in Christ! So why do we not ask our family members to help out? Why do we find it so hard to say the words, “Can you pray for me?”

It may feel like if we admit a weakness, that we will immediately loose our value and worth in life, and we can’t afford to let that happen.

We have heard it over and over. “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 11:2 NIV)

Living this way? It’s harder than it sounds.

Recently, I was having trouble in a certain area of my life. It was causing me great pain and it was hard to share with others because of the potential “shame” attached.

So initially when I was feeling sad and overwhelmed, I heard a voice in my head say, “ask someone to pray for you and this situation.” Right after, I thought, well is it big enough to ask for prayer from a friend? Do I want people knowing about this?

Immediately after that, I thought, STOP! There is no shame needed here. If I am having a hard time, I have incredible friends and family who would be happy to pray for me and this situation. Then I got on the phone and asked one or two people to pray for me. Do you know what their response was?

“Absolutely! I’d be happy to pray for you”, and “I’m on it!”

See, we are in this awesome family that we can lean on in hard times, and encourage in the good times. We get to be vulnerable, open, and honest. We don’t have to hide or pretend that everything is fine when it is in fact not.

We all go through hard times. If the enemy can make us feel insufficient, pathetic, and alone, he has won.

The beautiful truth is that we are none of those things. In fact, we only get stronger when we bind together.

Do you have someone in your life that you can ask for prayer for right now? Whether it’s big or small? If you do, that is awesome. If not, I encourage you to find someone, because having that lifeline can mean the world!

It’s okay to not have all of life figured out. It’s okay to have a hard day, or week, or month. When you do, because you are human, run to God! And when you feel like you can’t even run to God because of some lie in your head, then run to your friends and family, and be humble enough to ask them to pray for you! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised, just like I was!

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